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Behavior & experience shape neurogenesis

When a group of genetically identical mice lived in the same complex enclosure for 3 months, individuals that explored the environment more grew more new neurons than less adventurous mice, according to a study published on May 9 in Science. … Continue reading

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Alternative Crops for Drylands, by Scott O’Bar I haven’t read this yet; just noticed it, but on the book’s website are some useful links, and a great collection of free PDF downloads!

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Lightest Material on Earth

Multifunctional, Ultra‐Flyweight, Synergistically Assembled Carbon Aerogels | ReadCube Articles. At Zhejiang University in China, Gao Chao, the lead scientist in creating this material, says it is made with one-atom-thick sheets and fibers of carbon, so Chao and his colleagues have dubbed it … Continue reading

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Microbes affect Weight Loss!

Surgically bypassing the stomach is not the only reason that patients this surgery quickly begin to drop pounds. Changes to the microbial make-up of their intestines also play a big role, according to a paper published in Science Translational Medicine yesterday … Continue reading

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Brain Activity Breaks DNA

E. Suberbielle et al., “Physiologic neuron activity causes DNA double-strand breaks in neurons, with exacerbation by amyloid-ß,” Nature Neuroscience, doi:10.1038/nn3356, 2013. Double-stranded breaks in DNA—generally thought to be a severe form of damage—may simply be all in a day’s work … Continue reading

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What I see out my window…

…at the lab

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Scientists Have 3D-Printed Embryonic Stem Cells

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