Lightest Material on Earth

Multifunctional, Ultra‐Flyweight, Synergistically Assembled Carbon Aerogels | ReadCube Articles.

At Zhejiang University in China, Gao Chao, the lead scientist in creating this material, says it is made with one-atom-thick sheets and fibers of carbon, so Chao and his colleagues have dubbed it a carbon aerogel.  Check out the pics in the article-it’s amazing!

It’s still in its earliest stages of development, but in the future, the new material could be designed to soak up oil spills or clean other pollutants.  The materials used now to clean up spills absorb 10 times their weight in oil, but the new stuff can handle 900 times its weight in oil. And it absorbs quickly, Chao said, with each gram of material sucking up 69 grams of oil a second.

The material has a density of 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, or about one-sixth the density of air, so, tell me, why is it not floating away instead of being perched on the flower stamens???



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